First of all, the name itself (which is pronounced RussianLink) needs a little explaining. The first part, “Russian”, is fairly obvious since we teach Russian. LingQ is the name of our online learning system which you can find at LingQ.com. At LingQ you’ll study many different languages in a fun, community atmosphere. The “Ling” in LingQ comes from TheLinguist.com the people behind LingQ. Lastly, the “Q” is important because it forms the speech bubble in our logo and throughout our site and because it makes “lingq” sound like “link” (we think!) which is what our system does for you.

At Russian LingQ,

  • we LingQ you to a world of real Russian content
  • we LingQ you to our revolutionary learning tools
  • we LingQ you to a community of fellow Russian learners

Our podcasts may contain interviews, articles, or audiobook excerpts but are most often just general conversations in Russian. We will usually talk about topics of general interest. Please do send us feedback and topic requests. We’re always happy to hear from you.

After you listen to the podcast, sign up for a free account at LingQ (l-i-n-g-q.com) and study the full transcript using LingQ’s revolutionary learning tools.

At LingQ, you may also want to submit writing for correction or join live 1 on 1 and group discussions with our tutors. Plus you will find thousands more podcasts with transcript. Come and find out what LingQ is all about!

Of course, even if you don’t decide to become a member, you can continue listening to the podcasts as long as you like.

One last thing, please let us know how you like the podcasts. What type of content would you like us to put up? How do you find the content? How do you like our system? Send us an email or visit the RussianLingQ Forum on LingQ. The more feedback you give us the better we can make RussianLingQ!

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